The next topic in the Health & Beauty Project is teeth. I scoured the chapter for advice about toothpaste, with no luck. I had a favorite toothpaste — the packaging was smart and convenient and it contained fluoride, baking soda, and peroxide.

It has been discontinued and I am almost out of my stash. So I am looking for a replacement. At first I thought I’d just look for an ordinary fluoride toothpaste in a pump rather than a tube. But then I was offered a bunch of all-natural toothpastes to try out. They were all in tubes, but they had flavors like grapefruit and chamomile — refreshing and less pushy than the standard minty fresh Crest or Colgate.

No fluoride, though. Is that a dealbreaker? I hoped the doctors who wrote that book would tell me. They would let me know whether xylitol was a good thing or not. They’d say whether baking soda was good enough.

Nope. And Google gives a wide range of claims, including that fluoride is dangerous.

In addition to the items for review, I also bought a couple of brands that were identified as luxury toothpastes:. Marvis, from Italy, and Botot, which came to me from France with a sample of Diabolique Tomate face cream.

Neither has fluoride.

I guess I will continue seeking a luxury brand that comes in a pump with fluoride in it.

Apart from the toothpaste choice, I am doing what the doctors (and my dentist) say.

Today I am soaking up solitude, baking and knitting and watching Netflix. I am expecting the Littles for a sleep er this afternoon, and I know from experience that I should get as much quiet as possible in preparation.

I finished the back of Chimera. It badly needs blocking, but I am plunging right into the front of it.

It’s soft and pretty and a trendy color.