tired I watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show every day after work. Last month I was seeing a screen for just seconds between commercials: a brilliant pink screen with the word “Tired” on it.

I assumed I was hallucinating from exhaustion.

It stopped after a while and I didn’t think about it any more. However, I just saw a screen on the TV saying, “Intensive Computer Unit.” “ICU” down the side of a white screen, with the words across. Is this another hallucination?

I remember when I was in college it was widely held that TV commercials and movies contained subliminal advertising — screens that showed for such a short time that we were not consciously aware of them. It’s hard to image why T-Mobile — clearly the brand in my hallucination — would want to tell dinner hour viewers they were tired. And I can’t even imagine why anyone would want to associate computers with an ICU.

In any case, I was very happy to stop work today. I am hoping not to work this weekend.

This week included a meetup, a classroom read-through of Othello when about half the class showed up on a rainy Friday, and lots of client communication, as well as rather less writing than I would have liked. Rescue Time shows me at 80% productive over 44 hours, which is right on target, but a lot of that time was spent on web analysis, checking analytics for issues, troubleshooting site issues, and so forth. Productive, yes. Billable, no.

In the book I am currently reading, The Year without Pants, the author explains something about big projects with loose supervision:

  1. We do the things we like first.
  2. After the things we like are gone, we do the hard things that we don’t like.
  3. Because the hard things are left till the end, later changes have cascading effects.

It’s something to think about.