I’m not usually a TGIF sort of person. I enjoy my work… and of course I often work on the weekends, which sort of gets in the way of the real TGIF attitude.

But this weekend is a punctuation between last weekend’s big conference and next week’s vacation, so I must try to spend some time alone, reading, in the quiet. The spot above is my intended location for some of this recharging. I have a lot of books, many of which I’m supposed to review.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I get complete relaxation this weekend, even though this is, I believe, National Relaxation Day. I have to attend a function this evening with a men’s church group, none of whom I know at all and only one of whom I have met. I have to work over the weekend. I have to clean house and pack, too. I have also accepted a group Fitbit Challenge, so I will have to walk around some as well.

But I am looking forward to some time in the spot shown above. Reading.