My husband fell asleep during reading time with the Baby and she covered him up with books. I am not in this position, but I feel this tired.

Sunday was Sunday school and church. Monday I had brunch with #1 daughter, the Baby, the Good Ol’ Boy and a bunch of his family members. After work, I went to Master Chorale rehearsal. Tuesday I had MeetUp and Wednesday was choir rehearsal. Thursday I did a little sewing and cleaning, but I was too tired to focus. Friday was work party with goodies from the bakery.

So I had 7 social events this week. We are defining “social event” as any event involving other people. There were also phone calls. 45 phone calls.

I’ve hardly done any exercise, I’ve been averaging 3,726 steps a day, and I’ve eaten totally random stuff. I’ve made no progress on the Damsel. I’ve done fewer than half my chores.

Being an introvert has benefits.