We had Thanksgiving dinner at #1 daughter’s house. There were three types of cranberry sauce, three types of pie, and multiple vegetables dishes: butternut squash and brussels sprouts with balsamic-maple glaze, sweet potatoes duchesse, orange-glazed carrots, Holiday Slaw, quinoa-stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and roast potatoes. Also turkey, dressing, and two kinds of gravy, plus #2 son’s homemade sourdough bread..

Everyone got plenty to eat.

Pies included Possum Pie, maple pumpkin pie, and a traditional French pear tart with frangipane.

We had plenty of conversation and games, some football, and playing with the kids. I had hoped to get a picture of everyone, since everyone was actually here at the same time, but that did not happen. It was certainly fun.