I may have mentioned before that I have not met any of my goals this year. None. Not even the smallest ones — I haven’t had a social event a week, I haven’t finished six craft projects… As for the bigger goals, they didn’t get done either: I didn’t complete the SWAP or the quilt, we haven’t met our sales goals, I didn’t keep up with the gym or meet my exercise goals, I didn’t stick with Balance, we didn’t meet our traffic goals for the website, I haven’t learned much of anything, and no redecoration has taken place. Complete and utter failure with all goals, big and small, business and personal. I don’t think that has ever happened before. With the holidays upon us, it’s pretty clear that this will not change. 2013 is the Year of Failure.

#1 daughter says this is not what failure looks like. “Failure,” she says, “involves losing your house and having your car repossessed, or going to jail.”


#2 daughter sent me the diagram at the top of this post. It doesn’t make me feel better about failing to make my SWAP (or indeed any clothes of any kind), but it’s somewhat cheering about our failure to meet our goals for the business this year.

Actually, the company revenue looks like the chart just above: not bad.

As for the SWAP, the new colors for Spring 2014 are out and I’m thinking about planning a new SWAP for 2014.

After all, I’m not going to be fired from my job, and my personal goals… well, I guess I can just lengthen the timeline.