I’ve just learned about something called the 333 Project: a minimalist wardrobe composed of 33 pieces:

  • 21 articles of clothing
  • 6 accessories
  • 2 pieces of jewelry
  • 4 pairs of shoes

What?! Four pairs of shoes is considered minimalist? The two pieces of jewelry aren’t included in the accessories?

21 articles of clothing — okay, if there are seven pairs of panties and three bras in that group, which is what you need if you do a weekly laundry, then that could be minimalist. Maybe.

But in fact underthings, nightclothes, and workout wear are not included. Your wedding ring is not included. So that’s 33 pieces of fashion clothing. I don’t sew how that can be considered minimalist.

What’s more, it’s a temporary 33 garments. You commit to wear just those things for three months. It could be 7 each of pants/skirts, tops, and jackets. That is assumed to be just a portion of your wardrobe.

Admittedly, I own more than 33 pieces of clothing now, and more than four pairs of shoes, too. But for most of my life I didn’t. And I consider my current wardrobe pretty lavish.

12 items makes up the classic capsule wardrobe. The image at the top this post is a fall capsule from HotPatterns.