My sons started their day with a flat tire — indeed, a destroyed tire — in the middle of nowhere, AKA Wyoming. They had to drive 70 miles to find a place that could replace the tire, and then had to replace all four. This cost $636.00.

Fortunately, we had the money, so this was not a tragedy, just an adventure.

My stepfather was supposed to have started his day by coming over for breakfast. He wanted to talk with me about what he called his “short life arrangements.” He didn’t show.

I made breakfast, though, and #2 daughter and her fellow came and ate some.

Here’s what we had:


Breakfast casserole, homemade cinnamon rolls, and fresh fruit.


I will be having this again for breakfast today.

After breakfast, we all worked. There was a fair amount of chatting in amongst the work, but we got stuff done. #2 daughter had an interview with a new MeetUp organizer working on WP educational projects in Ghana. It was inspiring.

We chatted about inspiring projects, minimum wage and its potential effects on economies hither and yon, #2 daughter’s boss, dogs, and entrepreneurship.

After a bit the Art Professor came over with his daughters. They had just closed on their new house and were getting ready for a road trip to Arizona, so he had stopped off to show me how he was doing the forms on one of our new websites. I fed them cinnamon rolls.

We grilled hot dogs for lunch. Then we went to the bookstore, where we swanned around looking at games and books and whatnot, and when we came back #1 daughter had arrived. We chatted and had dinner and after a bit the young folks went off to the movies and I went to bed and read.