My pantry is…imperfect.

When did I shift from wanting my pantry to be functional and attractive to wanting it to be perfect? I’m not sure. But I now want it to be a thing of beauty and a joy forever, not just a tidy arrangement of pasta and canned tomatoes.

I keep going in and changing things. Putting the tomatoes together. Adjusting the items on the floor. Moving the salt off the baking shelf because… it’s not really for baking, is it?

Perhaps I have fallen into a Pinterest- and Instagram-fueled pantry obsession.

On the other hand, I ran into an anti-pantry shot today during work. These are shots of people’s pandemic stockpiles.

The center bottom shot looks quite organized. Almost spooky, in fact, though I don’t know what the items are. The toilet paper stockpile seems oddly messy. There are no containers anywhere.

My pantry looks better than any of those, right?