I had a very good plan, actually. My Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe Spring Collection.

We were supposed to complete two items each month. I actually thought I could do two each week, for a terrific eight-piece mix and match in April.

In fact, as April closes, I have one completed item and one more nearly completed. Plus two more WIPs.

The wrinkly pink garment here is the HotPatterns Shirt-tail T in an oversized look and a beefy cotton overlock.

Here it is with their Two Hour Skirt.

The combination is a little bold, but I like it.

The waistband isn’t complete because I have thread nests instead of lovely neat seams. I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The thread nests here are on a dart in the top that will turn that print skirt into a two-piece dress. I have the right size and I look forward to finishing this… if I can sort out the bobbin tension issues.

I haven’t felt like sewing in the evenings, and I’ve had a lot of evenings out, a lot of busy weekends… no sewing time. That’s my choice, of course. Then when I finally get around to the sewing, I have thread nests.

But maybe I’ll do more in May.