We have been planning for a while to go to the Big City after the pandemic. This weekend we did.

Road trip! The little girls did very well. They played with their Kindles and toy phones mostly, though we also had some conversations along the way. The big girls –my daughters — sat up front and caught up on their conversations, too.

I made some progress on Cala Bassa.

We arrived in KC in late afternoon. #2 daughter and I went to Half-Price Books and the grocery store, and then she headed out to meet friends. #1 daughter and I called out to Buca di Beppo for dinner. The meal was delicious. I even had a square inch of cake, and my blood sugar numbers stayed low.

A little talking and early to bed.

The next day we had breakfast out — First Watch, even though we have one locally now. I got up at my usual time and the little girls came out and joined me while I drank tea. They had dancing eyes and chattered to me while I woke up.

We were admiring fountains through the windows all day, but took some time to enjoy one of the fountains at Crown Center. The little girls loved the fountains.

#1 daughter and the double stroller.

Tourist photo!

Then we went to Sea Life.

The rays were awesome.

There were tunnels with fish swimming overhead, including one just the right size for the Littles.

Another tourist photo.

More tablets.

A fun weekend.