I spent much of yesterday thinking. I spend much of every day thinking, because that’s my job, but when I get too busy I don’t get the time to have Big Thoughts. That’s a problem.

I also need input in order to be able to think really well — thus my trip to the bookstore. We do Strengthsfinders in our company, and that means that I know that I need input, that I need to learn new things, that I’m a strategic thinker, and that I’m best at improving things that are already pretty good, not at rescuing the perishing.

I also know my Big Idea, when it comes to work:

I gather, analyse, synthesize, and disseminate information in ways that help others reach their goals.

That’s me. What about the company? The company is no longer just me. We’re supporting quite a few people financially these days. I’m fairly sure that none of those people shares my purpose.

As a company, I think we act as strategic partners with small to medium sized companies, using our skills with data, content, and design in strategic ways to help them leverage the power of the internet to reach their business goals.

Is that a big enough idea?