gid I’m choosing the most ridiculous, least recognizable photo of my son to commemorate the return of the brothers.

I’m back at work with most of the projects on track and plenty of interesting work to do. PLENTY of work. This lets me have a bit of regret for the things I didn’t accomplish over the holidays, like my Google Adwords Partner exams.

Never mind. I had a great time.

#2 son and I have been talking a lot about our respective projects. #1 son was over last night and we ate mountains of quesadillas, Drunken Beans, and salad while watching The Big Bang Theory. I mention this to show how normal life is being.

Even so, I have lost a couple of pounds. True, they were pounds I gained over Christmas, so they may not count, but at least I am heading in the right direction.

A potential new project that came as a surprise was a contact from a monastery about blogging for them. This is our first monastic client, or even potential client. You don’t think of monks outsourcing, do you? Lots of guys devoted to humble work and prayer should be able to get a blog out regularly, you’d think.  However, this is ot a famous monastery. An online search suggests that it might be a nightclub rather than what you or I would usually think of as a monsatery.

It would not be our first nightclub.