I had lunch with Janalisa and #1 daughter today. Janalisa expressed concern about my obsession with planners.

So I told her I’d write another post on planners.

I admit I have become engrossed in the subject. And I also have to admit that I have spent more than I expected, though some is for Christmas gifts.

Buying a planner  is an investment in your productivity and having a professional quality one that really suits you is worth the expense.

If a decorated planner is a practical undertaking for you — if like me, you want accountability for habits, or like the YouTube planner guru you find the practice of decorating helps you remember your appointments and tasks, it might be worth the investment in specialized stickers and whatnot.

But it’s a hobby, really. Hobbies cost money. Hiking, golf, watercolors — you name it, you have to lay out for some gear.

So what does it cost? The planner itself can run you $15- $35. See the note above on that.

The decorating is where you can easily end up getting spendy.

A weekly set including full boxes, half boxes, washi pieces, checklists and checklist boxes, icons and perhaps a few decorative bits can cost you from $3.00 for a printable file (plus sticker paper and ink) to $20.00 or so for nicely printed ones. These are prices at Etsy. I’ve seen a couple of independent ecommerce shops, but not enough to generalize from.

The cost reflects artwork and the hand work involved in printing and cutting, since these are generally small shopkeepers who don’t source the manufacturing with professional printers. In many cases, the images are hand-drawn or painted. You have a little piece of art for your printer.

If you add habit tracker stickers, housework or fitness trackers, budget stickers, or other specialized items, you’ll be paying $2.00 to $10.00 or so for a set that may last from a week to three months, depending on the design and how you use them. Chances are good that you’ll use special monthly or seasonal sets as well, at the same $2.00 to $15.00.

Add the cost of shipping. This is less if you stick with one shop than if you pay shipping at multiple shops, but figure 10%.

You could easily spend $1,000 a year.

On the other hand, if you got a printable set in a color you’ll be happy to use all year, resisted the temptations of holidays and other folderol, and choose specialized printable tracking stickers carefully, you could manage for less than $200 a year.

Here are some Etsy planner sticker shops I like:

  • Violet LeBeaux has pretty handpainted stickers for all kinds of interesting things, from period tracking to sewing days.
  • Sweet Kawaii Design has very cute stuff, of course. The name requires it. They have cute stickers to remind you to clean your fridge and pay your bills, and weekly kits in the $20.00 range.
  • Vintage Gypsy Road has very beautiful designs inspired by Marie Antoinette,Frida Kahlo, vintage posters, and more.
  • Sweety Stickers has unusual and pretty designs as well as basics, mostly printable. Cute neutral and pastel designs with animals, plus bright colors and some designed for coloring.
  • Gotta Have a Plan has some surprising things like eyelash planner stickers, World Domination Plans, Adulting is Hard, and obscenities, plus handpainted stickers and some weekly  sets.
  • Sunday Palm has very pretty sets, plus lots of icons and headers. The quality of the paper and printing is exceptional.