This fluffy cloud of a scarf can be completed in one day.

Start with Rowan’s Kidsilk Creation, shown above next to the completed scarf. Before and After. This is a discontinued yarn, and as far as I can tell, it was mostly used just to make these scarves.

This isn’t yarn so much as a pre-knitted fiber. This is what it looks like as you unwind the hank.

Put the two ends side by side. Think of them as A and B.

With a crochet hook, reach through A and pull a thread from B through A and create a starting loop. With the beginning loop on your hook, reach through A and pull a thread from B through A and through the starting loop. You will now have a new loop on your hook. Contine in this fashion till you have joined A and B together and you meet in the middle. Tie the last loop off.

Go along the scarf and fluff it out.

You will have an enormously long scarf which you can wrap around your neck repeatedly.

I made this yesterday while #2 son was at his Ultimate game. We had dinner together last night, and breakfast this morning, and he is now returning to his new home. Today’s games were called on account of the rain.

He said this scarf is odd. I think I might make more of them, though. They’re different from other scarves, but that doesn’t mean they’re odd. Right?