The Damsel shawl is growing. It’s lovely, soft, shimmery, really just the thing to level up my wardrobe.

It also contains errors. If you look closely — or depending on your temperament, just glance — you will see that there is a clear pattern in the lace at this point, and also a spot where the pattern becomes way less clear.

I am not very precise.

This shawl is for me, so I think I will just keep going. This means that I will spend another hundred hours knitting this thing and will have a visible error when I finish. I probably won’t care.

This is for Quixote, my first lace shawl. It has lots of errors, I think, and yet I love it. I never even notice the errors.

I’m not precise, but that means not only that I make errors but that I don’t mind them.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

I’ve had a couple of good work meetings this week. #1 son brought his little family over for dinner, and that was fun. I have such a lovely family. Now, with the kitchen cleared up, I’ll get back to the Damsel. Get her back on the straight and narrow.