My Wii Console has died. I have been doing my 30 minutes of stepping — 3,000+ steps — every day for years. I miss it. Should I replace it?


  • I own a lot of Wii games the kids can play.
  • I find it easy to start my day with those steps, even though I often do not get to other exercise plans.
  • Wii Fit tracks my weight and movement toward weight loss goals, as well as the number of steps.
  • It encourages me, even though it is a robot.
  • Replacing the console would cost about $50, which is not an unreasonable amount.


  • $50 is a week’s groceries or a haircut. It’s not an insignificant amount of money.
  • I own a treadmill, a biking desk, various exercise DVDs, and a subscription to Daily Burn. I could go on walks outdoors, too. It might be better to step up my workout instead of sticking with the 3,000 steps.
  • I will lose my Mii and all tracking hitherto. I will be starting over anyway. I could, #1 daughter says, get an Xbox instead and then I can play games and watch movies with my kids, tossing virtual popcorn at them and everything.