#1 son came over to watch the presidential debate with us. It looked to us as though the President was courteous and rational, though occasionally provoked into copying the challenger’s tactics. Said challenger came off as an ill-mannered bully, according to #1 son.

“But we’re not thinking about who we would enjoy talking with,” he pointed out. “As a leader of the nation, a bully might sometimes be useful.”

However, a post-debate Twitter check shows that some people took Mr. Obama’s ability to follow the rules as timidity and Mr. Romney’s inability to shut up when his turn was over as forcefulness.

I found it distracting. I kept hoping Mr. Obama would talk about his robotics initiative — who wouldn’t want to hear more about that? I also was hoping that Mr. Romney would say something specific. He appears to have a simple plan: he’s going to sit down on Day One and work out a plan to do great things without giving up anything or spending any money. He doesn’t know what he’ll do, but he figures it’ll be great ’cause he’s a great guy.

I’m not an undecided voter. I remember life under George Bush. Every member of my family got laid off in 2008. I was so horrified by the Bush administration’s acceptance of torture that I couldn’t believe it was happening in America. I’ve seen the numbers. But I wonder how the debate seemed to an undecided voter.

Did Romney seem refreshingly optimistic rather than bombastic? Did Obama seem dull and defensive rather than smart and honest?

Or do we basically treat this the same as football games, and root for the candidate we’ve already chosen?

I’m looking forward to the Daily Show’s analysis. 🙂