#2 son’s sweet GF sent me the “Choose a Plate Method” info they use at her work. I found a book at Amazon that expands on it. I think this will work for me.

I sat down with my Mediterranean cookbooks and put together a shopping list.

I think that I need to take up proper cooking again. I need to make an adventuresome hot vegetable for dinner every day and create a good salad for lunch. Fish alongside the salad is still good, and I will certainly rely on boxes of spring greens, but lunch should take more than three minutes to prepare.

Today I picked up the therapeutic dose of Metformin at the pharmacy. I fear that this means I will be having more nausea and vomiting. Taste impairment should go away, the doctor says, but she was pretty insistent on diarrhea. I’m still losing weight, which is also on the list of side effects.

Apparently you start with a low dose to get accustomed to these side effects, and then move on to the therapeutic dose, which I will begin with some trepidation today.

Back to the eating part.

I am out of the habit of eating grains, crackers, pasta, bread and such. However, I am taking it back up. Tonight I’ll have brown rice in that upper quadrant, and curry beef in the lower one. The half of the plate reserved for non-starchy vegetables will have broccoli and cucumbers.

Taste impairment will make it all taste horrible, but it’s a start.