I tried to get back to exercising today, after a hiatus of about 6 weeks, but I couldn’t force myself to do the full 30 minutes I had planned. Instead, I managed to do about 10 minutes, for 1,000 rather than 3,000 steps.

When I was a dancer, we said that it takes as long to recover as you were off, but I hope it won’t really take that long. I plan to do a 10 minute strength training video when I finish writing this, and I guess tomorrow I will aim for 15 minutes of cardio instead of 10.

I need to get back to my 30 minutes. For one thing, because 30 minutes no-excuses exercise is part of my routine. But more than that, given my Diabetes Project, I need it because exercise can lower your blood sugar. Exercise can in fact make your muscles take up glucose even if they have insulin available.

Being tired and weak was my primary symptom while I was sick, and I still am feeling some of that. After exercising this morning, I made breakfast and washed my hair. I was light-headed by the time I got to work.

This could be a sign of low blood sugar. I know that keeping my blood sugar even is a goal. Maybe first thing in the morning is not the right time for exercise now. Maybe after lunch would be better.

I am supposed to meet with a diabetes educator. I need to set that up. In the meantime I guess I will experiment.