I went to the doctor today. When I went to the hospital two weeks ago, my blood glucose was 517. Today it was 240. That is progress, but it is still diabetes.

Still a shock.

However, I am moving from low dose metformin to a therapeutic dose. I am getting back to my regular exercise schedule. And I am going to eat correctly.

Right now, I have high white blood cells and low red ones. Maybe I am still recuperating from the pneumonia, but that’s enough to explain feeling fatigued.

Low hit and hgb go along with that I guess.MCV, MCH, and MCHC are all normal and the rest of the blood work seemed normal.

However, my A1C number is 13.7%, which is quite bad.

So I will do all that I am supposed to do. Then I’llreport back as (I hope) all my numbers improve.