I’m at the weight I reached for New Years. I’ve gone up and down a pound or two every week, but have made no further progress.

It’s the weight loss plateau.

I did a Whole 30 rather badly during that time, and work got frantic and threw me off a bit, but I’m still doing fairly well about the Evil 6 and eating lots of produce. I’m averaging 7,000 steps a day and working out at least one or two days in addition to my morning steps — and I’ve been utterly faithful about those steps.

I can actually see a couple of positives. It’s good from the standpoint of my wardrobe. I’ve bought and made a few things, and I’m getting the chance to wear them for a while. Also, I’ve lost a few inches during this time and my body is having a chance to adjust and perhaps end up with less of the droopy skin situation than I otherwise might have seen.

Nonetheless, I want to return to losing pounds regularly. So I bought some heavier weights, I’m recommitting to eating right, and as soon as I get through the current insane workload, I’ll get back to a more aggressive workout schedule.