Here’s the tablescape I had arranged yesterday. My Kindle, my phone, a stack of books (The Science of Discworld), the Wii controller, a cup of tea, my New Year workbook printout, and a couple of knitting projects.

Yes, I have a bunch of knitting projects left over from Christmas gifts.

Not good. However, I think I managed to complete more of my planned gifts than I have for the past few years.

I also managed to hang out and relax all weekend.

I thought deeply about 2012 and 2013, watched numerous episodes of White Collar (#2 son’s suggestion), read stuff I don’t get paid to read, did housework in brief spurts, talked with my husband on the phone, texted my daughters, and basically did whatever I felt like at that moment.

Naturally, this morning I had insane quantities of work to do. However, I stopped at dinner time and have been hanging out with my kid.

See how well I’m keeping up with my resolutions?

I’m also eating plain lean meat, fresh produce, and quinoa. This is good, wholesome food, but it is not quiche, lasagne, or key lime pie, now is it? I continue to lose weight, but perhaps it is mostly because it is too boring to eat.

So I am knitting up a fluffy pink scarf for #1 daughter’s birthday, and the Chevalier mittens in a pretty green which is not far from “Tender Shoots,” the specific shade of yellow green the people at Pantone have announced for Spring 2013.

Not only did #2 son introduce me to White Collar, he also turned on Community. I teach at a community college which is nothing like this show, but I can definitely relate to it. We watched several episodes, because we no longer watch TV one episode at a time. (I recently learned that this is a general change among people; we all treat TV show episodes as book chapters, now.)

“That was a pleasant evening,” he said, “not worrying about anything, just enjoying ourselves.”

Success with the resolutions.