Yesterday was a well balanced day. I had a good balance of work and play, with the satisfaction of clean and organized cupboards and closets. I scrubbed surfaces with Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, sorted and thinned and organized stuff, and took everything out of the linen cupboard, sorted, folded, and stacked it.

I had indoor pleasures, including reading by the fire, and also took the dog for a walk and did some errands, thus giving myself a chance to enjoy the fiery maples and crisp fall air.

I had a good balance of alone time and time with other people, too: I spent most of the day by myself and had the company of my husband and #1 son in the evening.

My lunch had a nice balance too, including quiche and homemade whole wheat rolls with a salad of baby greens and grapefruit. It was delicious.

The pantry? Well, I started it. I didn’t get very far, I confess. The pantry is horrible. Sometime while I wasn’t paying attention it became messy enough that people began just putting things in there on the floor in stacks, and now it’s a welter of stacked cake stands, clustered vases, and cardboard boxes of who knows what. I spent about fifteen minutes on it before giving up and doing the linen cupboard instead.

During that fifteen minutes I found a pair of strange things like cups with perforated lids. They might be salt and pepper shakers, if we can imagine salt and pepper shakers designed to hold a pound or so of each seasoning. There was a also a Japanese plate with a duck on it. The duck has an evil fixed gaze and says “Japanese porcelain hand painted in Hong Kong for Thalhimers.” Thalhimers, it seems, was a department store chain. I don’t know whether the idea that the procelain came from Japan was supposed to make it seem exotic, or whether the fact that it was painted in Hong Kong for Thalhimers was intended to make it seems exclusive or what. It’s a hideous duck.

I have a bit of work to do this morning, and then church and a business meeting, but I may get the pantry done after that. On the HGP, this is the week to clean the garage, finalize menus for holiday meals, plan table settings and centerpieces, and to get clothes for the holidays cleaned and otherwise spiffed up.

I’ll have to see whether I can include an evil looking duck dish in my plans.