The  fall Seamwork DYW begins on August 12th — in other words, Monday. I have completed half a dozen pieces from my Spring Collection, which was my goal, but I also have a couple more pieces I really want to make.

One is this lace cardigan. I am close to concluding that I will make too many errors and shouldn’t attempt it.

The other is another shot at the Bouvier Jacket, using this awesome tweed that works so well with my summer colors. I didn’t do that well the first time, and I might not do so well the second time, either.

There is absolutely no chance that I will complete these garments before Monday. My sons are coming to dinner tonight, if nothing else. I must go shopping, make lasagna and bread and salad, frost the cake I baked this morning, clean up the guest room and put clean sheets on the bed.

Also, I have another dental check in on Monday and must continue my rigorous regime of resting in order to be all healed and hale by then.

It is possible that I might clear out my closet by Monday, ready for the process. I do have the fabrics chosen and gathered together into a nice pile.

Gray and burgundy is a favorite combination of mine, and it hasn’t been in the Pantone fashion palette for years, so I am taking advantage of the fact.

I’ve also been thinking about silhouettes and trends. I will probably use tried and true patterns and make the same pieces I always wear. But I have been looking through fashion magazines while waiting at the dentist’s office, so I have noticed that the silhouettes for fall are classic. Tailored shirts and jackets, natural waistlines. Pantsuits, even. Tweeds, dark florals. There are overtones of lace and romance, and lots of knits.

Not that I expect to develop tailoring skills magically in time for fall, but those are the trends I’m going for. I’m skipping animal prints and metallics.