Here’s the home food box delivery dinner #2 daughter and I shared last night.

She uses Home Chef. I like the fact that they put all the ingredients for a meal into a zip-lock bag, apart from the meat.

Here’s a Blue Apron dinner. I use Blue Apron.

They send a box of groceries with a little paper bag of “knick knacks” for each meal. You have to check the recipe and get all the relevant groceries out. It’s not a hug chore.

Blue Apron has more and fresher vegetables, but they also have only about half whole grains.

Both services provide clear illustrated recipe cards.

Blue Apron includes nutritional information in the box. Home Chef has macronutrient info available online.

In both cases, you’ll pay about $10 a plate for healthy meals. It comes to a bit less for me and my husband, because we usually have some leftovers. I’ve spoken with people who use a two-serving plan and feed their small children, too. So the cost does depend a bit on the portion size you need.

However, for me it turns out cheaper than grocery shopping, because I don’t give in to the temptation of impulse shopping. I hit the grocery store once a week for salad greens (we often add salad to Blue Apron dinners, and I always eat it for lunch), fruit, eggs, butter, and juice. Nonperishables come via Amazon prime once every couple of months and frozen foods come from the Schwann’s man twice a month. The combination is efficient in both time and money.

There’s also very little fast food or carry out at our house, and the meals are tasty and healthy, which they might not be if I didn’t have the food box.