One of my lovely Christmas gifts was a Philips Hue setup. It included the Philips bridge and three colored lights, which we put into the living room light fixture. We can now enjoy Spring Blossom (with pink lights) and Arctic Echoes (with blue and green), as well as settings like Relax and Energize, not to mention Read and Concentrate.

It’s super fun. Practical, too. So I bought a box of white bulbs for other rooms. Unfortunately, I can’t reach many of the lightbulbs in the house. So I changed the bulb in the standing lamp at my bedside. I set it up to change to a warmer color and gradually dim as it got toward bedtime, which was quite nice. I also put it on motion sensor, which was less nice.

I got up and went to the bathroom, and it briskly set up a nightlight for me. When I got back into bed, it turned itself off. Perfect.

It popped on at its bright setting when my husband came to bed. He asked about it. “Why is it doing that?” he wondered.

“Because you’re walking around,” I explained. The light turned off.

But it turned on again when I turned over. After one minute, it went off. And a bright light popped on when I pulled up the covers. Again it took one minute to turn off.

After hours of this I turned the light off manually, breaking the spell.

Of course, this is my own fault. I configured it. I mostly went with the defaults, but I need to get to know the options. I’ll need to figure out the routines and set them.

In the meantime, I am a little less rested than I’d like to be. I had a very restful day yesterday, though. I continued my knitting while binge-watching Hulu, and did housework in all the commercial breaks. I got the pantry reorganized, scrubbed the bathroom, put away most of the holiday decorations, and got the kitchen done.

It was a productive day. Today I have church and a lunch date, but I intend to complete the last hottle and move back to the Argyle.