The Health & Beauty Project ended on January 31st (though I am continuing with my routines) and the Wardrobe Project begins with Seamwork DYW on February 15th. In between I am doing the Work Project.

However, the items in the photo above arrived today. Clearly there is a Garden Project in the offing.

There is a seedling starter kit with 100 spots, and there are 30 packets of seeds, I think, so that gives us our parameters.

I usually plant about half my stuff in the shade, so I’ll need to determine first whether there are any seeds that will live happily in the shade.

Then I’ll need to make a plan. Usually, of course, I make a plan first and then go buy the plants and seeds. In this case, I’ll need to find a way to make a good plan with whatever is in the boxes of seeds.

I may need additional planters, and I will need soil, but otherwise we should be pretty well covered.

#2 son is coming to visit tomorrow. I’ll have to work hard in the morning, and do some cooking and cleaning along the way.