I’ve knitted up one skein of Outlaw Bohemian Sport, in Chimera. I also got some Mellowcreme Pumpkins in honor of Fall.

#1 son and I had a conversation about organizing. We began by talking about “The Home Edit,” a TV show named for an organizing company. I read and might have written about their book here. I was admiring their Instagram feed. We do Instagram for some clients, and I like to find good examples.

Here’s the convo:

Me: Honestly, I think their advice mostly comes down to “Buy things that come in attractive packaging, put them in a large series of identical containers, label the containers, and line them up neatly on the shelf.” But their IG acct makes them seem more interesting and likable than that.

He: Gotcha. That seems like a good use of Instagram. Is the show good?

Me: Well… Half the episodes are about celebrities and very wealthy people, whose storage solutions will not be useful for most of us. Some of the people want things like to have their refrigerator and pantry look like a grocery store. And all their solutions are kind of as I said above. That was also how I felt about their book, which I read last year. So, if you want to see how Reese Witherspoon organizes her movie costumes — and apparently people do — then it’s a great show. Also there is a lot of squealing. So maybe not my style. But I have been organizing my house, so I might keep watching it for inspiration.

They believe in sorting books by color. That seems crazy. But I did have a moment of thinking maybe I should organize games by color — they also suggest that — so it will look more tidy.

He: Do you sort your books? (edited)

Me: Sure — by author.
But if you come over and see them sorted by color, then you should squeal and say OMG!

He: I don’t sort mine.
So, color would make just as much sense as my current method.

Me: How do you find them when you want them?

He: Inefficient searching

Me: Hahahaha
They do a LOT of shoe sorting. I don’t sort my shoes at all, maybe because I don’t have so many that it’s an issue. But they said sort by color and size. I think if you have multiple sizes, some of them don’t fit you.

He: I sort of sort them by height — so I can understand sorting by visually appeal.

Me: Oh — hahahaha — I bet that’s what they meant!

He: I sort shoes by frequency of use and purpose of the shoe.

Me: Okay I’m wrong. Even if they’re all size 8 there are big and small shoes.
That seems sensible, but why do you sort your shoes and not your books, when you presumably have more books than shoes?

He: Because I use my shoes more than I use my books. Also I probably have more disposable time if I’m looking for a book I want to read. Sometimes I need my shoes quickly. (edited)

Me: Good point. I did sort my purses by color and lined them up neatly on a shelf.

He: Yeah, sorting accessories by color makes sense to me, especially if you have multiples.

Me: And my kitchen is now “a place for everything and everything in its place” and I really like that.
It is satisfying to know exactly where everything belongs. And when something is left out (which happens) then it is fast and easy to put it away.

He: Yeah that’s how our closet is now with our shoes. It makes a difference.

So we’ve established — and I think that I have confirmed this with my ongoing organizing experience — that organizing is good. Having a place for everything and everything in its place improves life.

Does having all your books organized by color, rather than by author or subject or not at all improve life?

I’m not going to organize my books by color. That still seems crazy. But I could organize my games by color. That doesn’t seem as though it would matter. Most are in the same space anyway. They look untidy. So do the books, and all the other stuff on the shelves, too. Maybe I will do this. As an experiment. I could also take down all the books and things and put them back up neatly, in a logical order or some kind.

Okay that’s the Before picture above. Below, you can see the After.

Not much of an improvement, is it? I think I need to buy more white games, for one thing. Green ones, too. We have a lot of blue games, but they’re in different shades of blue, so there is no color-block effect. Red, maroon, and orange are together, and then we have gray and black. There’s not really any yellow, though , nor violet.

No rainbow effect at all. Also, I don’t remember games by their  color, and shape and size would have made a lot more sense.

Nor did I tidy the bookshelf. Yeah, this was a waste of time.

On the other hand, I was moved to put the coffee machines together.

Is that an improvement?