I have a plan to work through the Knitter’s Life List this year. Of course, I already have a lot of things checked off and I don’t expect to check off all the items remaining. But I am doing one item from each chapter each month, in hopes of becoming much more well-rounded by the end of the year.

For January, the two big things have been organizing my yarn stash — or, as the KLL puts is, wrestling it into a system, and incorporating a lace panel into an otherwise plain knit fabric.


Those are both big things. I hope to finish those lace panels, and I am very satisfied with my yarn wrestling. But I needed some smaller things from other chapters. So I went with some literary challenges.

Who knew there were so many knitting-related poems?

The Lady of Shalott, the Charge of the Light Brigade… Cardigan and Raglan were involved in that ill-imagined charge into the Valley of Death. Could they have guessed that their names would be best remembered for styles of sweaters?

That’s a raglan style sweater at the top of the post. My grandmother made it. I’ve been wearing it lately. It’s warm and pretty. I’ve avoided raglans for years, but now that I’m getting more well rounded as a knitter, I might make one.