I’m planning an applique mantel scarf which I will actually put on top of the large bookcase where it has some bolts showing. I’m going to use the long section from an applique quilt. I’m also planning to make a cool retro smocked cushion. Both of these are big projects to enjoy over a long period of time, not essentials to finish up right now. Both are from craft books I’ve owned for a while, which is a resaon not to get rid of my craft books, even though I know my family thinks I own too many.

and-sew-to-bed-cushion applique

The only immediate thing I still need to do in the living room is put things on the walls. I am still tempted to put up a print of this painting, which I saw at Crystal Bridges and loved:


This has been a lengthy redecorating process but I really like where we’ve ended up with it.