Meals of Memorial Day weekend:



Breakfast was hash brown casserole, sausage, orange and grapefruit, sparkling blood orange juice, and tea.

Lunch was turkey and avocado on a ciabatta roll and a lemon cupcake at Briar Rose.


Dinner was grilled chicken, potatoes, squash, and watermelon.

Sunday breakfast was homemade sweet rolls with cream cheese icing, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes with cheese, fresh cherries, and tea.



Lunch was grilled burgers, melon, curried squash, and cake.

Food, in this case, was about celebration, and also about caring for people — my family and friends. It was about tasty and reasonably healthy things that would be satisfying to eat. Every meal included the Evil 6.

I’ve lost 35 pounds since New Year. I was losing two pounds a week and now it’s down to one pound a week. I’ve stopped eating for hedonistic pleasure, for comfort, for reward, or for amusement, and I generally eat according to my SANE plan. I think it’s okay for me to eat special foods for celebration and to make delightful meals for my family when I get the chance. I’m also making every effort to enjoy fruit, veg, fish, and chicken as much as I enjoy pastry and pasta… but not to keep pastry and pasta around. This is where I’ve gotten in six months and I’ve met my weight loss goal for the year.

But I want to step things up a little. I’m not yet averaging 10,000 steps and I’m not embracing vegetables as much as I should. Daily salads and a good variety of fruit have become habitual, but even for this weekend of tasty meals I served only a few veggies:

  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • onion
  • peppers
  • squash

I need to expand my repertoire of vegetables.

I also need to expand my exercise. I’m doing 5,000 to 7,000 steps most days, but no strength training and almost no cardio besides walking. So I’m going to adjust my schedule and add classes. I’ll reward myself with new workout clothes when I lose five more pounds, and I know I’ll enjoy the greater challenge. It can be part of my summer studies. This is not about food, but I know that eat/move/sleep go together, so this is my plan for the second half of the year: veggies and physical challenge.

Meals for guests and holidays can provide wholesome choices, pleasure, and concrete evidence that I love the people I’m cooking for. Meals for myself can demonstrate that I am taking care of myself.