This is my youngest in #1 daughter’s dining room. I didn’t take a lot of pictures while the family was here, but it was great to see them all, and especially my youngest, whom I see the least.

Women kept telling me how handsome he is. It’s the hair.

In any case, I’m returning to my lists and habits and goals. I’ve lost another pound, I’m doing pretty well with most of my lists of habits, and I’m working insanely to catch up but otherwise being fairly sane. I’ve agreed to help out with a music workshop on Saturday, I have a sewing project planned, I’m reading a novel. Stuff like that.

I missed the Daily Burn week when we were working on cooking at home, but I’m pretty good at that, so it’s okay. This week is about learning to maintain our good eating habits pretty well during celebrations and meals out and such, which is always harder than slapping that fish and salad on the plate at lunchtime every day.

Here are some dishes I made this week for an article for a client about frozen fruit. Oh, and I also fed them to my family. I’m pleased with my photography on these. They’re reasonably healthy, too.