I finished the scarf.

The mittens are going well — they could be done by the end of the week.

They’re up to the thumb.

These mittens are small, but they are definitely an epic project. I also need a zombie project, and the baby pants are probably in that category. But they are also small projects.

The next projects in line, logically, include Chimera (at the top of the post), Adiri below at the right, and two baby clothes kits. Four epic projects.

Can I reclassify Chimera as zombie, since it just has one or two cables per piece? I could do the color work baby sweater to avoid two cable projects at once.

I also thought about going ahead with a simple zombie sweater in Prism.

The two skeins of Peony just above are enough yarn for one of the simple pullovers shown below. Either one could be the zombie to see me through all four of those epic sweaters.

These are from a book I want to write more about — but not just now, because there is also some peer pressure going on. Sort of. Apparently, Mason Dixon Knitting does a February Bang Out a Sweater challenge encouraging knitters to complete a sweater in February. This year, it’s a bathrobe-like garment in bulky wool, starting at $180 for the yarn. I don’t think that really has a place in my wardrobe.

Maybe I should wait till next year for that.