The other side of the room made some progress yesterday. I guess we’re not changing the TV stand or the bookcase. I have most of the books up.


I sewed a sleeve on the back of the quilt and ran a little curtain rod through it. We hung it back above the TV where it was before, using vintage drapery corbels I found on eBay.


There is a pin in the picture above, so you can see where the sleeve is, but it doesn’t show on the outside and should prevent any damage.


I sewed a cushion cover from a remnant of embroidered fabric. I guess I just couldn’t manage without an additional print. However, as you can see in the top photo, I covered the other cushions in the main green print fabric. I think I want a cushion or two in the curtain fabric as well, and perhaps one more in the embroidered fabric.

Today needs to be a housework day, and I must write for my Aussies. I’m also supposed to meet with #1 daughter. I may not make it to church.