I thought I had that pain under control, but I don’t anymore.

Why not? Hmmm.

I’m not eating right. A new study says that eating sweet and salty snacks makes people feel “normal” and “happy” during the pandemic. I agree. I can see that eating ice cream can be a response to stress.

I’m not exercising enough or getting outside much at all. I’m moving more than the average American, but certainly less than before the pandemic.

Are these things that cause pain? I don’t know.

But it does seem that the pandemic is making it more difficult to maintain healthy habits, even as it makes it more important to do so.

I start the day with no pain, and it creeps up on me during the day, getting noticeable by 8:00 p.m.

Maybe the pain is connected with stress. I am sometimes feeling stressed during the pandemic.

I’ve been allowing myself to sleep in — I mean till 7:00 rather than getting up at 6:00 — but sometimes that means a trade off. Enough sleep, but no exercise. Or less work. And there are also days when I wake up in the wee hours of the morning. But I am trying to sleep better and sleep more. I need to make sure to do what’s best in the whole Eat Move Sleep system.

COVID-19 is a mild disease for many people, and a hideous death for others. Scientists are studying the reason for this. At the moment, they’re guessing that these are the factors:

  • Old age, possibly beginning at 60
  • Type A blood
  • Pre-existing conditions, including heart or lung disease, obesity, or diabetes
  • Lifestyle decisions such as smoking

I’m over 60. I do not have Type A blood or any of the preexisting conditions or lifestyle issues. I’ve been staying home and following all the rules since March 11th. So maybe I am not at high risk of having a serious case of the virus.

But this is certainly the time to do our best to stay healthy. And maybe the pain is caused by poor choices.

The flowers? A silk bouquet from Vine.

We have flowers blooming outside, too, but why not a little cheerful artifact for indoors?