Of course, the pandemic isn’t really just one week old. In fact, WHO declared it a pandemic on March 11, so even as a pandemic it is older than that. I went to a meeting at church last Saturday, though — a meeting at which we decided not to close services, though the decision was reversed a day later. I have been at home since then.

I normally work from home, so this has not led to big changes in my life. A good deal of extra work, none of which we can charge for. One lost client. No choir, no groceries, the day trip I signed up for has been cancelled — excuse me, postponed. More video chats, fewer meetings, and I haven’t seen my kids or grandkids face to face. But no real hardships.

However, it has been stressful. I am old, though in good health, so I guess I could die. Or my husband could. We’re not planning to, but I’m doing my best to flatten the curve.

I’m a rule-follower anyway, and an introvert, so it’s easier for me than for many others. I have a hard time believing how often some of my Facebook friends go grocery shopping.

But I also have a hard time believing how often I’ve been on Facebook. It’s like I think that something important will happen there and I will be able to do something useful about the pandemic if I check in frequently.

That’s stress. I also feel sort of distracted and generally weird. I’ve heard others say the same thing. And maybe this is right. Maybe we shouldfeela bit distracted while we have a pandemic raging.

My big question for the day, however, is this: knit or sew?

Newport is ready for a second sleeve, and there is hardly anything as relaxing as a day lolling on the sofa knitting while binge-watching British mystery shows.


On the other hand, I have four tops cut out, and my Rag & Bone stretch denim arrived, so I can cut the capris I have planned, too.

Against sewing: HotPatterns is starting a sew along summer capsule on Tuesday, and my sewing machine’s tension is messed up. Those don’t really sound like strong arguments.

Against knitting: sewing is more active, and would lead to new garments faster. Again, not really strong arguments.

Maybe I’ll do a little of each. And perhaps some cleaning and baking.