Okay, not a life list, since it;s just for this visit, but we’re following the birdwatcher’s custom of collecting sightings, but in this case it’s sightings (and eatings) of pastry.

The photo above shows the lovely and chic mistress of pastries at Angelina’s.

Our first French pastries were a Tarte au citron meringuée and a Tarte aux pommes à l’Alsacienne  at Au Levain d’Antan in Montmartre. The next day we had croissant and Pain aux Chocolat for breakfast at the hotel.

Next, this Tarte aux Framboises at Le Solferino near the Musee d’Orsay.

We finished our delightful lunch at Angelina’s (at Versailles) with La Duchesse and Choc Africain. This may have been the pinnacle of our pastry quest.

It was very difficult to choose at Angelina’s.

The Cafe Gourmand at Le Criee included a pretty little macaron (as well as creme brulee and  panna cotta).

We picked up an Opera Cake at a local Boulanger & Patisserie, of which there are as many in Paris as there are gas stations back home. That was our evening pastry following our hotel room picnic dinner.

We bought a bag of Florentines at Choco-Story and enjoyed them at the next day’s picnic dinner.

The following day we split this pastry at La Table du VII. It was a chocolate mousse cake and probably has a picturesque name, but I didn’t hear it.

Some pattisseries have more creative names than others, though. The item on the left in the photo above is simply a passionfruit tart, and the strawberry tart on the right is a Tartelette Fraise (little strawberry tart).

This, however, is a Nina.

It has a crust of coconut and something very light and crisp — Rice Krispies? That’s topped with litchi fruit mousse with a thin shell of white chocolate. Then there’s a strip of strawberry jam, a strawberry slice, a chocolate leaf, and a tiny chocolate label. Definitely fancy.

This is an Amandine de Cassis from the venerable Paul at the Tuilleries.

We had financiers available all day every day at the coffee service at the conference.

There were other pastries at lunch, including a tarte au citron.

And of course we began each day with croissant and pain au chocolat.