More Isaiah today… Above, my favorite bass sings “The People Who Walked in Darkness” from Handel’s Messiah.

There is also a hymn, by Mary Louise Bringle and Sally Morris. I didn’t find a video of this tune, but you can hear it at


I’m feeling bratty. I have a rehearsal at 11:00, making this Day… I don’t know… 40? of the Days with Appointments in Them. Yesterday had its good points, for sure, but it involved some other things, too: anger, driving on the freeway at night, being unable to get to a computer to solve issues, making mistakes, people asking for meetings next week — stuff like that. Today began at 5:00 a.m. with the dog waking me, and I am certainly glad that it was as late as that. But it meant five hours of sleep, not eight. And last night’s party meant that I gained .9 lb.

All these things are so small. I know that the things that are making me feel beleaguered are not even problems, and certainly nothing for me to complain about. But I yearn for a single day that stretches out ahead of me with the promise of being able to think, to rest, to choose how I want to spend my time instead of having it laid out for me.

The awareness of how bratty I’m being and how certainly gratitude should replace irritation causes me something like shame, but it doesn’t actually make me feel better. I guess that I am currently walking in darkness. So I suppose I can look forward to a great light.