It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I spent some time reading on the porch, but mostly I’m reading and knitting, with a little sewing.


I’m working on the gray jacket.


The collar turned out well and the main pieces of the jacket have come together. Now it’s time to sew in the sleeves — the point at which I am most likely to screw up.

Perhaps because of this I have mostly been working on the cardigan.


I don’t know when I’ll complete the SWAP, but I figured out the cost:

  • Sterling Grey wool blend jacket, $6.25 a yard x 3 = $18.75
  • Veiled Rose China silk jacket lining, $12.99 a yard x 2 = $25.98
  • Sterling Grey wool blend skirt, $6.25 a yard x 1 = $6.25
  • Silver rayon blend ponte knit pants and tank top, $6.98 a yard x 2 = $13.96
  • Dark taupe rayon blend ponte knit pants, $3.99 a yard x 2 = $7.98
  • Dusty Cedar Spoonflower jersey Sunshine Top, $26.50  yard x 1 = $26.50
  • Warm taupe Spoonflower jersey Sunshine Top, $26.50  yard x 1 = $26.50
  • Warm taupe Spoonflower sateen skirt, $27.00 a yard x 2 = $54
  • Print cotton lawn peasant top, $26.94 a yard x 3 = $80.82
  • Dusty Cedar yarn, 10 ball bag for $35.00

The second jacket is to be made of fabric I bought on sale and I can’t recall the details, so I’m assuming that it was the same as the first jacket (also bought at a serious discount). That brings the whole wardrobe in at just about $350.00. A bargain even though I did buy those pricey Spoonflower fabrics.


Now it’s time to go cold sheep on fabric, too. Cold silkworm? Cold cotton boll? Anyway, I’m through buying craft supplies for the year. I may still need to pick up some bulbs, though.