I’ve been working on household projects as I’ve done the Holiday Grand Plan this year. Thanksgiving was a vindication of the Kitchen Project –my kitchen has everything I need for serious cooking and baking and serving, even with the pandemic restrictions, and since everything has a home to go to, it was easy to clean it up and get it back in shape afterwards.

My Bedroom Project replaced shabby bedding and got closets and drawers organized. My wardrobe is complete and organized enough that I can dress quickly for any occasion and put everything back in an orderly fashion. The Office Project got me most of the way to a tidy and functional office, and the Sewing Room Project has that room on track.

The Bathroom Project led to a full complement of skincare products and cosmetics. Now I just have to get into the habit of using them.

I even took on #1 daughter’s pantry, with the help of the bigger of the Littles. That’s the picture at the top of the post and the slideshow below.

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This is Dining Room week. I took a little bit of action my dining room, but I should probably reorganize my china cabinet. This is also the week to celebrate Thanksgiving and then put away those decorations and put out the creche.

If I can find it.

I must wrap gifts and I am ready to start Christmas decorating in general. Since it’s a holiday weekend, I’ll have time to do some of these things today. Sunday is the beginning of the HGP’s Holiday Decor week, so I’m right on time for that.

However, I also have plans for knitting. I am ready to start the color work for the Icelandic sweater I’m working on. I absolutely do not know how to make sure the motifs end up in the right place. Is there a wrong place? Maybe they should be centered. In preparation for this, I found the center of the work. Maybe I should just start at center back. But then there might be a jog…

There will probably be a lot of time spent on staring and thinking today.

We usually have our kids visiting for Thanksgiving weekend. We do touristy things and eat up all the pie. I plan to eat as much pie as possible while it’s still good.

And I guess I should think about the next project. Next week is Holiday Decor week and the beginning of Advent, so I guess I’ll make sure I have all the things I need and a well-organized home for the decorations to go to after the holidays. Christmas Cheer Project?