I have completed my Quest — or have I?

I have completed the Hero’s Journey planner, which is set up as a Quest.

I had intended to perfect my self-presentation and resolve my health issues, heading off to Germany as my best self. I’m not sure I accomplished that.

I am going today for my blood work to see whether the Prednisone treatment for sarcoidosis actually improved my kidney function or not. If yes, then I might have improved kidney function — and sarcoidosis. If not, I will have been suffering for a month from severe side effects of this medication for naught.

Either way, I might be through with this health adventure and able to move on with my life as it now is, chronic disease and all.

In the course of the Quest I had a lot of medical adventures and a wonderful trip to Germany. I got to know new people, learned to value human connections more, and practiced accepting help from other people.

These were all valuable lessons, even though they weren’t the lessons I had planned on learning.

I don’t feel that I have completed this chapter of my life yet, though. Maybe by the end of this month, surely by the end of the year.