Our social media girl needed one more Thanksgiving book review for a client’s Pinterest board, I headed out to the local bookstore to find one.

No luck.

Having spent an hour scouring the shelves, I really didn’t want to leave empty handed. I get so many books for free that I don’t buy books much any more, and when I do I just get them on my Kindle, so an actual physical trip to the bookstore was something of an event.

I decided to find some excellent mystery novel by a new author.

I had gone through all the books with an eye out for turkeys before, but I decided to search for something good. Something witty and beautifully written with sparkling dialogue and insights into humankind.

Instead, I found quirks. Apparently mystery novels cannot just be novels nowadays. They must be about someone with a quirky job — a personal shopper, a home stager, a lingerie shop owner, a crossword puzzle writer. What’s more, they should have some lagniappe: a baker detective will have chapters with recipes, or a dogwalker gives tips for grooming pooches.

There were no detectives who were web designers or SEO pros for their day jobs, so I have clearly found a niche that needs filling. I can have the amateur detective give SEO tips at the beginning of each chapter.

Don’t think I left empty handed. I bought a book by Patrick McManus, a used one by Carolyn Haines, and M. C. Beaton (a favorite) and Harold Carlton off the bargain shelves.

I also picked up Breakthrough Branding by Catherine Kaputa. It deals with the issues we’re currently working on, and seems to do it without being so desperately boring that I won’t be able to get through it, a frequent problem for me with business books.

I did a little grocery shopping, came home and cleaned my house, watched Lies and Alibis while struggling further with Henry, and made dinner for my husband and #1 son to eat while they watched football.

The Thanksgiving novel? I got a few samples on my Kindle and found a good one for $2.99. Clearly, I should just have done that in the first place.

Never mind; I enjoyed my bookstore jaunt.

I’ll let you know if I decide to write that novel.