A mere 56.5 hours this week, and I intend to take the weekend (mostly) off with my family, so that’s a win. Granted, I was at a conference on Sunday and haven’t had Saturday yet, but still… Look at the email time, though! Hours on the phone, too. Can we call it good customer care?


A mostly turquoise week, though. Not even one yellow day and nowhere near green. Tomorrow, maybe.

As for Balance, I only tracked six meals the whole week. So the scorecard doesn’t look very good this week, I’ll admit.

I finished a second Learnables class and am well into my third Google Analytics class. We had a good week from the point of view of the business, though I’m still feeling pretty far behind.

The weather has been lovely and it’s a beautiful evening, too, so let’s just accept that it’s summer, conference season, nothing to be proud of but it could be worse.