It’s not the Loch Ness Monster, but the Snack Less Monster. Yesterday it vanquished me entirely, since I went to Rick’s for snacks to go with our staff meeting and then went to see “Florence Foster Jenkins” with #1 daughter, adding popcorn to my ham and cheese croissant and apple fritter. Since I didn’t get home till 2:30, I skipped lunch entirely. Catching up on work, I ended up fixing nachos for a quick dinner. With a key lime pie in the fridge, I naturally added a slice for dessert, and ended up craving sweets before bed.

My abnormal schedule kept me from doing a DB365 workout. Then #1 daughter asked about my cycle desk. She thought I should give it to her, since I don’t use it much. I see her point, but I want to use it more. So she said if I don’t use it over the next three months, it’s hers.

That could be good motivation for strengthening my add-exercise intentions. I think I should also set up a 10:00 a.m. alarm. I may be doing something important at 10:00, but at least I wouldn’t miss a workout through casual inattention.

I also have my new list of habits. Here are the ones I don’t already do habitually:

  • Drink a glass of water before each meal. I’ve only done this for two days now, but it is so easy that I think I will be able to count it as a habit by the end of the week.
  • Eat 30-50 grams of fiber a day. I probably do this, but I have to count up and be sure. Today I had my usual breakfast and found that it included 10 grams of fiber. Ditto for lunch. So it’s easy, but I think this little mini-goal will encourage me to make a good salad for my lunch and dinner instead of just grabbing a handful of kale. It may also help with the snacking issue.
  • Eat apples and berries every day. I already have berries for breakfast each day, but I must go and buy some apples. While the book specifically says that applesauce doesn’t count, I think I will have some applesauce today to get the habit on track.
  • No carbs after lunch. I assume he doesn’t mean kale. This could be the compromise between abstention and moderation I’ve been thinking about. I assume that it will also be difficult.
  • No added sweeteners. Time to give up sugar. I’ve been allowing my sweet tooth too much leeway of late.
  • One meatless day each week. This is distinctly unappealing. Since cheese, soy, and legumes are on the don’t-eat lists, I’m not sure where I would go with this. I’m not fully committed to this one.
  • Go to bed hungry. I’m spotty on this one; it’ll be a good habit to establish.
  • Plan one splurge meal a week. Sunday lunch? The tough part about this is that we’re supposed to be perfect for the remainder of the week, thinking, “I’ll refuse that cake right now, because I can have cake at Sunday lunch.” That’s probably more effective than thinking, “I’ll have that cake today, and then I won’t have any tomorrow.” Every day.
  • Process email only a few times a day. Working on that.