We’ve had a bit of snow.  I worked on the top from Simplicity 1467 yesterday and it’s hanging to settle before I hem it. In fact, I also need to bind the armhole on one side.


For such a simple garment, it’s amazing how much trouble it has given me. The interfacing didn’t fit the yoke, the facing didn’t fit the neck or the arms, and every time I tried to fix it, it got worse.  Since the yoke pieces and the facings were cut so carefully from the border, it wasn’t possible to cut them again — and I suppose I don’t know whether it is a problem with the pattern or merely user error.

At last I gave up and decided to bind the armholes instead. I cut bias strips and that seems to be working.

It’s pretty and will look good under a jacket, so I’ll certainly make another and be more careful putting it together.

My SWAP is on track, then. My other project for February is the Wake Up Project. Simply, I want to wake up feeling good every day. I figure I’ll keep track of when I do and when I don’t, and determine what the factors are. Today I didn’t wake up well at all. I didn’t sleep well in the first place. I ate Super Bowl food yesterday and took a nap in the afternoon, had no caffeine in the evening and stayed up a bit late. I woke in the middle of the night feeling ill and slept in until nearly 7:00. I was sniffling and coughing all day. I had my last cup of tea around 2:00. I’m going to go to bed in time to read a bit before I fall asleep, and I’ll make sure to get to sleep on time.