The Seamwork DYW Project begins on Monday, mid-February. January was the Health and Beauty Project, but February my big goal is to get my work routines in trim and my blogging out two weeks for each client, so the first two weeks of February have been the Work Project.

I have two more blog posts to write today, and I want to be sure to get my office in usable condition by Sunday.

So I will be free to do the Wardrobe Project, natch.

I’m working in my office at least sometimes. It should be better for my back than hunching over my laptop on the sofa.

I’m pretty organized in the office, but I still do need to tidy.

I’m doing pomodoro, again at least part of the time.

I’m writing four blog posts a day, taking a lunch hour, having a tea break at 4:00, stopping work at 6:00.

Is the structure improving my work or my productivity? I’m not sure. I’ve actually ben unusually tired. I’m sleeping badly, according to my Fitbit. I don’t think this has to do with work. However, I plan to spend this snowy weekend resting and reading.

I’ll get the office cleared up this weekend, too, and call it done. I still have two weeks to get the blogs out to where they should be.