I moved this blog from Xanga to WordPress last month. I had 2,600+ posts and nearly 8,000 comments, so I was very glad for a nice import plugin. The formatting wasn’t perfect in the imported posts, though — no tags or titles, and the images weren’t styled.

So I determined that I would update all the September 2004-2012 posts in September, the October archive in October, and so forth.

I didn’t actually finish all the September posts in September, but I got close. And it was interesting to see the panoply of my life over the past eight years.

When I started this blog, I had four children at home. Now they’re all grown up and gone away, the younger two to college and the older two to their own homes and careers.

When I started, I managed a bookstore and spent lots of time on homemaking. Now I own a business and squeeze domestic pursuits in where I can.

Then, I wasn’t sure what a browser was and I had no idea what a server might be. Now I’m a computer guy.

Then, I went to the gym regularly, had a full social life, and spent a lot of time in study both in organized classes and in my own intensive reading in science, math, and philosophy, plus plenty of creative endeavors in music and needlework. Now — well, I own a tech-related business and I work all the time.

Obviously, there has been a lot of change, and there are both pluses and minuses. Over the past eight years, I’ve overcome agoraphobia, gotten much more settled financially, brought four wonderful children to productive adulthood, and built a successful business. Those are worthwhile accomplishments. I’ve also backslid quite a bit in terms of health and given up some fun. My work is more fun, of course, but I had a lot more fun outside of work at the beginning of the blog than I do now.

I also had a lot more problems.

This could mostly reflect the difference between life with a houseful of teenagers vs. life with an empty nest, I suppose, or life as a salaried worker vs. life as a business owner.

No matter where in those eight years I look, including now, I can see that I am and have been a very lucky woman. It’s being fun to look back over the years and relive the changes. If I actually keep to my plan and update all those posts in a year, I might have learned something by next September.