thoughtgirl Yesterday I scrubbed the scrubbable parts of the house, did laundry, went grocery shopping, and worked on #2 son’s sweater.

Nothing exciting, but a productive and pleasant day.

My husband was watching some Lao music videos. Many Lao music videos have stories about people going into the city to earn money, but then feeling too homesick and returning to their families, taking a bunch of money with them. There are also music videos about the importance of buying and selling local goods, preferably to tourists who have outside money, but why it’s good to have them exchange their money for local currency instead of taking foreign funds.

Now, I saw an American music video just this morning on the subject of pantyhose, about which I was writing for a client, so I think you can’t draw firm conclusions from the music videos a nation produces. Or at least I hope so.

But it did make me think. I am still reading The Chaos Imperative, which has a lot to say about thinking. Our brains, it claims, are just as active when we’re not focused on a task as when we are, just in different areas. Housework, watching mindless TV (like music vidoes), knitting, having desultory conversations, sleeping — these are all opportunities, the authors say, for us to come up with new ideas.

I told #1 daughter this yesterday, as we were chatting about new panels for the website, and she said that she doesn’t like having a lot of thoughts in her brain.

#2 son has said that he thinks all the time and believes that it is unusual to do so, but I have trouble imagining not thinking. It sounds like saying your heart stops beating unless you’re exerting yourself. Plus, I like feeling as though my brain can hardly keep up. I don’t get that feeling very often, but I enjoy it. I don’t think I understsand the idea of not thinking.

#1 daughter, however, dislikes the feeling of a crowded brain. #1 son claims he can have a Zen-like nonthinking brain, too. If the authors of the book are right, though, their brains are busy making sense of the information they take in, even if they don’t feel as though they’re thinking.

I did a few hours of writing this morning and have another hour to do, and I’ve been working on my Google Analytics certification, but I also plan to give myself some white space, as The Chaos Imperative puts it. I have to get those sweaters finished, after all, and perhaps there will also be some great creative stuff going on in my brain if I let my mind wander a bit.

We’ll see.