I have recuperated fairly well from spring’s busy time. This week I’ve had one or more meetings every day and I’ll have a house guest again this weekend, so it is needful that I keep balance. I still am not up to 3,000 steps in my daily Wii Fit, and I am still not doing that well in the mindful dinners department.

I’m also not putting on make up or fixing my hair. I am dressing like a grown up most days, apart from my grooming failures, but still…

So I made a proper shepherd’s pie with plenty of vegetables for my dinner tonight. I can’t defend the biscuit. It just seemed, on this rainy night with my weeks of comfort food affecting my habits, like a good idea.

Atomic Habits makes the point that doing things provides our brain with evidence of who we are. Every time I make the effort to prep vegetables and lean protein for dinner, I tell my brain that I am the kind of person who has mindful dinners. Every time I scramble and egg or drive through to grab dinner, I tell my brain that I am some other kind of person.

I’ll keep working on it.